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The current situation in eSports.

eSports is a big market – a global business, generating hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Despite the amazing market potential and growth eSports currently lacks in possibilities that are fundamental for its future development.

Even though the participation in eSports and its income are rising quickly, very few well known professional players are well paid. Most players receive little or nothing for their achievements and their commitment.

As a relatively young and booming industry, eSports lives from the enthusiasm of its community but has a clear need for professional market structures that ensure secure, easy and transparent contracts between all parties.

Challenges that need to be solved.

The current situation of the eSports industry reveals the following challenges that need to be solved.

Player compensation

Players invest a lot of time and energy in training and competitive games but have no financial safety.

Organizers and Teams

Insufficient financial compensation for event & tournament organizers, teams and leagues Inhibiting the growth of eSports.

Service providers

Service providers cannot be rewarded in a fair and easy way for their work – some even volunteer their work.

Sponsors and Fans

eSports sponsors and fans have to use slow fiat money to support their favorite players, teams and leagues.


Investment decisions are very difficult since there are no uniform portals for secure participations in eSports.

These issues need to be addressed.

The eByte project uses its own Blockchain technology, to establish an international payment and contract system for the eSports community. The eByte Blockchain will be the main development platform fueling third party eSport applications.

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Executive Summary


Technical Whitepaper

Introducing the eByte project

Global Cryptocurrency for the eSports Community.

The eByte cryptocoin is a modern compensation system for the eSports community: modern, efficient and easy to use. The project is using a consortium blockchain, developed in cooperation with Draglet, to establish the first international monetary system specifically designed for the eSports community.

The eByte project also includes a trustworthy contract system for leagues, teams, and players, to ensure all participants and service providers can be rewarded for their achievements in a safe and simple way.

In addition, the new cryptocurrency will enable fans to support their favorite teams and players with donations. And the eByte portals and platforms will give investors and sponsors a complete overview of the eSports market, making it easier for them to participate in the growth of eSports.

Furthermore we will create various platforms and portals to solve the current problems in the eSports community while keeping its decentralized character.

Like the Ethereum blockchain, developers will be able to use the eByte blockchain as a third party development platform optimized for gaming projects as well as eSports solutions.

The digital sports will get way closer to real world sports thanks to the eByte cryptocoin and its decentralized eSports platform.

A huge community is backing the project.

Along with service providers of all kinds, our eSports community includes leagues, teams and players - over 45,000 people in total - and this number is growing rapidly.



Multigaming League


Tenerife Top Training

eSports Training Camps


Inter Sport Axel Schmidt

Sporting Goods Retailer



German eSports Brand




eSports Team

"We look forward to the ideas and concepts that will enable eByte to address the challenges of the current eSports scene and solve them in the long term."

NoVa TwisT

eSports Team

"With eByte and their cryptocurrency even smaller teams and clans who do not yet have a big sponsor are enabled to participate in tournaments and thus internationally make a name for theirselves."

Pro Clubs League Germany

eSports League

"We see the eByte project, with its focus on the eSports sector, as a great opportunity for the virtual Pro Club area."

ClanArts Designs

eSports Graphicsdesign

"The eByte project has completely convinced us. We see a great future in eSport and as a service provider in this sector we look forward to shaping its future together with the eByte team."

Tenerife Top Training

Sports center

"In partnership with eByte, we see a perfect way to offer training camps for eSports."

energy-WAVE e.V.

Achmed -Bloob- Stranz CEO

"We from energy-WAVE e.V. support the eByte Community, as we see an opportunity to establish ourselves further in the eSports area."

The Reality

Tim Wijers - Chairman

"E-Sports and crypto currency are growing rapidly and it is time to have a solid, trustworthy party like eByte to link those markets and make a difference. For us as one of the biggest gaming events in the Benelux it would make sense that we carry an esports currency."

Maroti Gaming


"ESport is still in its infancy, the eByte is a big step in the right direction, so that the “makers“ can finally do it, whether they are a clan, a team or streamer since they have finally the budget that have been missing before."

Taube eSport

eSport association

"In our opinion the eByte project is the proper step. We see great potential and confidence in this project and will actively follow and support it."

We are One eSports

eSport community

"ESports is developing at a tremendous pace, and the eByte project will give us the opportunity to participate in this development. We look forward to working with them and believe in the success of the eSports cryptocurrency."

Tactical Prime

eSport clan

"For the player, the team and the clan the eByte project offers the chance to further develop its players and the clan and promote professionalism. eByte gives each cup, every event and every league the opportunity to be made more attractive and interesting."

German eSport Bundesliga

Multigaming league

"Cryptocurrencies are already a big issue in many areas , why not in the eSport leagues and tournaments? We will focus on this task through the support of the Ebyte and hope for a successful response from all players."

Equality 05 Esports

Pro Sports club

"The potential of the eByte seems immense and you can await the starting signal with excitement. The eSport-tailored cryptocoin not only strengthens the global eSport community, but also raises it to a new level. We are very happy to be involved from the first day and to support the project."

Orbital Gaming

Multigaming clan

"With the eByte Cryptocoin, the scene gets - after a long time- finally their own currency for players, teams, leagues, and much more ... In the future, we can grow faster as a multi-gaming clan and equip our players with the necessary equipment by receiving the earned eBytes."


Christian Baulig

"We are sure that with the eByte the national as well as international eSport-Community can be strengthened."


Bernd Unger (CEO)

"The eSport market has been completely ignored so far - which is inexplicable from our point of view. eByte has now recognized this need and adds a coin to the crypto market, which has long been overdue."

EFA Gaming

FIFA online league

"The operation of an eSports community is currently only possible by numerous voluntary helpers.The eByte offers the opportunity to take account of the work of these people and the performance of the gamers as well."


David -Dave- Leonhardt (CAO)

"We, as a professional E-Sport organization, support this project with pleasure. We are looking forward to the future with curiosity and confidence and we are sure that the EBYTE project will be the next, big step for the E-Sports market."

Porsche® works driver

Sven Müller

"Cooperation between real racing teams and digital drivers are already a reality. The development of eByte will make it possible to strengthen this cooperation in the future. The eByte community is working on a fascinating project."

ALL4YOU-PR Motorsport

Klaus Bitzer

"Global E-Sport is constantly growing with immense growth rates. It is therefore obvious to generate a secure global payment system such as eByte, which is available at all times."


Multigaming clan

"We see a special advantage in the fact that with the eByte we can soon reward the players of our team for their diligence and dedication."

Office supplies Becker

Office supplies

"For online shops, the eByte as an alternative method of payment presents a new exciting and simple way to meet the needs of eSports quickly and easily."

Virtual proRacing Masters

eSport association

"We are looking forward to the partnership with eByte. Our opinion is, that a digital currency has great potential in the eSport area. Because of this, we are very curious what the future brings."

We are One

Quick transactions

Your transactions are being confirmed within minutes.

Wordwide payments

Users can transfer eBytes anytime and from anywhere.

eByte mining

Every eSports enthusiast can create a wallet and mine eByte.


Our expert encryption and blockchain technology guarantee secure coin transactions.


The eByte doesn’t have a central authority and is not being controlled by individual persons.

For the community

The eByte is developed for the needs of the eSports community.

ICO Token Sale Details

With the publication of the eByte blockchain, initially, 10% of the eBytes are generated (pre-mined). As part of our token generation event, certain amounts of pre-mined coins can be purchased in advance as ERC20 eByte tokens.

Public Pre Sale30%280,000 EBYTE84,000 EBYTE
ICO First Sale20%100,000 EBYTE20,000 EBYTE
ICO Second Sale10%100,000 EBYTE10,000 EBYTE
ICO Regular Sale0%656,000 EBYTE0 EBYTE

Crowdsale details:

  • Token name: eByte Token
  • Coin Trading Symbol: EBYTE
  • Token Type: ERC20 Token
  • Issued tokens: 4,700,000 EBYTE
  • Decimals: 8
  • Hard Cap:
  • Soft Cap:
  • Contribution: ETH only

Use of Funds

With the publication of the eByte blockchain, initially, 10% of the eBytes are generated (pre-mined). As part of our token generation event, certain amounts of pre-mined coins can be purchased in advance as ERC20 eByte tokens. These ERC20 tokens are being exchanged to the at that time created eByte cryptocoins (1:1 coin swap) at blockchain release and will then automatically be burned. Finally there are 10% eByte cryptocoins issued and 90% (42,300,000) minable. Only after the needed swap there will be the possibility to use the eByte platforms, portals, smart contracts, tools and other applications.

On our website, we will offer a public pre-sale phase. Here, participation starts with a minimum of 500 USD. The public pre-sale is limited to 280,000 eBytes with a bonus of 30%. The crowdsale will take place in three bonus tranches, 20%, 10%, and at the end, 0% bonus on purchases. Here, participation starts with a minimum of 0.1 ETH.

Tokens will be received at the end of the public pre sale and at the end of the crowdsale. Unsold token will go into a separate budget of the foundation and will only be used to support and sponsor the eSport community.

Important hints:

Due to legal and regulatory in the United States of America all U.S. residents, including accredited investors, are excluded from the eByte Token Generation event.

If you are a green card holder of the United States or a United States citizen or permanent resident of the United States (tax or otherwise), or you have a primary residence or domicile in the United States, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, any other possession of the United States (tax or applies if you are one of the owners or beneficiaries of the company on behalf of which you are authorized to act, are U.S. citizens or permanent resident of the United States (tax or otherwise), or you have a primary residence or domicile in the United States, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, any other possession of the United States (tax or otherwise).

The eByte project will have a soft cap for contributions during the ICO. If the amount of contributions doesn't exceed the soft cap, all contributions will be refunded to all contributors.

The raised funds are managed in escrow by the Ebyte Foundation based in Bonn, Germany.

Developer Team tokens will be held for one year after the crowdsale.

Token Distribution

Initially 10% of the eBytes (4,700,000) will be generated (pre-mined) with the release of the blockchain. 90% of the eByte coin will then be minable.
In the ERC20 Token Event shares of this 10% can already be purchased in advance.
The ERC-20 token will be swapped 1:1 to a fully functional and tradable eByte coin once the private blockchain goes live.
The following graphics shows the distribution of the ERC20 Token amount and its proportion to the eByte coin on the blockchain.

eByte Cryptocoin

ERC20 Token Distribution

Sale Structure


Private Pre Sale

Sold out!

30% Bonus

Public Pre Sale

280,000 EBYTE

20% Bonus

ICO First Sale

100,000 EBYTE

10% Bonus

ICO Second Sale

100,000 EBYTE

0% Bonus

ICO Third Sale

656,000 EBYTE

Roadmap of the project

Displaying the scheduled milestones for the eByte project since 2016.

Q4 2016


Initial idea and vision of the eByte project.

Q1 2017


Team expansion and detailed concept creation.

Q3 2017


Aquiring advisors and eSports partners.

Q4 2017


Foundation for supporting the needs of eSports.

Q1 2018


Selling first tokens to early investors.

Q2 2018


Completed a detailed eByte feasibility study.

Q2 2018


Requirements engineering for eByte.

Q2 2018


The eByte pre sale opens for public investors.

Q3 2018


Regular public sale with three tranches.

Q3 2018


eByte Blockchain development with draglet.

Q3 2018


Release after initial full test phase.

Q4 2018


ERC20 Tokens can be swapped 1:1 to eByte Coins on blockchain.

  • Q4 2016
  • Q1 2017
  • Q3 2017
  • Q4 2017
  • Q1 2018
  • Q2 2018
  • Q2 2018
  • Q2 2018
  • Q3 2018
  • Q3 2018
  • Q3 2018
  • Q4 2018

Meet our Team

Our experienced team encompasses developers and entrepreneurs while building loyalty across every touchpoint.

D. Tewes

CEO / Founder

19+ years of experience as Entrepreneur with main focus on Project Management. Providing executive management and business operations expertise. He's a Blockchain enthusiast and a passionate gamer leading his own eSports club.

T. Braum

CEO / Founder

Experience in gaming since the Atari area. Leading an eSports team. Entrepreneur with main experience in Sales Management. Solid working knowledge of budgeting, business development and strategic planning. True Blockchain addict.

T. Lindlar

CIO / Co-Founder

10+ years of activity in the eSports industry. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with main focus on Parallel Computing. Experience in Software Engineering and Online Marketing. CEO of Konzept Backhaus Marketing.

N. Rau

CTO / Web-Development

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. 8+ years of practical experience in system and network administration with focus on virtualization, IT security and operating systems. Several years involved in Web Development.

L. Hörseljau

CDO / Web-Development

6+ years of experience as a Software Engineer and Web Developer. Successfully implemented projects based on HTML5, CSS3, PHP7 and C#. Favours frameworks like AngularJS and JQuery. REST API lover.

R. Zug

CMO / Marketing

Avid eSport enthusiast. Experience in marketing activities for over 4 years. Studying Sports Management focusing on B2B communications. Founder of Konzept Backhaus Marketing.

A. Aaltonen

Marketing Strategy

Aleksi has a long history as an entrepreneur from the early internet to blockchains and ICOs. Startups / Marketing / Tech / Investing. Always open to new ideas and projects.

Dr. med. M. Lindlar

Medical Advisory

Markus Lindlar MD, scientist at the German Aerospace Center and university lecturer with main focus on eHealth, physical and mental fitness and performance, quality management. Working group leader „Digital Health“. Board member in diverse medical associations.

T. Frett

Strategic Planning

9+ years of experience in development of innovative products and scientist in the field of human research in aerospace medicine and eHealth. Master´s degree in Biomedical Engineering and project member in several studies together with national space agencies (NASA, ESA).

M. Roth

UI- / UX-Design

8 years of activity in eSports, active Youtuber and part time Streamer on Twitch. Educated interior designer and graphic designer, 10+ years experience in image editing specializing in Photoshop. Currently student of mathematics and pedagogy.

R. Wyss

Business Development

7+ years of experience in accounting and project management. Gamer and active in eSports for more than 15 years. Studying Business Administration in an International program.

D. Leonhardt

Community Manager

Head Manager of the biggest German eSport organization. Worked for Activision and Fnatic on event promotions. Several appereances on stream as expert and analyst. 10+ years of experience in the eSports industry.

N. Otte-Krone

Software Development

10+ years of playing FIFA (5+ years in eSport Scene). Developer of a few gaming communities especially FIFA and F1. Bachelor’s degree in Economic Computer Science with main focus on eBusiness. Programmer and Project Manager since a few years.

... Expanding our Team

An undertaking like the successful development and implementation of the eByte project requires the hard work and expertise of many talented people. Because of this we are constantly expanding our team.

Join more than 45,000 eSport enthusiasts

Meet our advisors

All of our advisors are playing an active role and working closely with our teams to refine our technology, token economics, and market development efforts.

Technical Advisor

Draglet is a blockchain service provider with many years of experience, going back to the beginning of Bitcoin and Ethereum technology.

ICO Advisor

New Alchemy coordinates successful ICO launches by providing clients with smart contract development and project management.

Legal Advisor

CRYPTO LEGAL is a popular German advisor for legal and tax questions on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, DAOs, bitcoins or blockchain.

Community Advisor

Mosspole is a group of ICO consultants and community managers assisting projects in community development and management.

Whitepaper & Documents

Several documents provide an overview about the vision and the potential of the eByte project.

One Pager

The eByte vision explained on just one page.

Executive Summary

The eByte executive summary displaying all key facts.


The eByte whitepaper offers valuable insights into the project.

Technical Whitepaper

The eByte technical Whitepaper in collaboration with Draglet.


eByte is a blockchain-based, decentralized eSports platform. The main objective of the eByte project is to create an internationally accepted and widely used monetary system for eSports, to ensure participating leagues, teams and players can be fairly compensated for their commitment and achievements while preserving the decentralized nature of digital sports.

To achieve this goal, we are creating various platforms and portals, including a system of smart contracts, an online marketplace where service providers can exchange their services for eBytes, and an idea portal where enthusiasts can generate funding and support for innovative projects.
The popularity of digital sports is increasing quickly. The revenue of eSports grew 51.7% from $325 million to $493 million from 2015 to 2016, and reached nearly $700 million in 2017. By establishing a monetary system with smart contracts, all eSport participants (players, teams, leagues) can be compensated in a trustworthy, transparent and secure way using our blockchain technology.
The eByte project consists of an interdisciplinary team of more than 10 people with long experience in web and software development, marketing and project management. All team members are eSports enthusiasts and dedicated oneself to open the eSport sector to a larger audience.

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